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About Moulin (Immoulin BV)

Founded in 2002 by Edward Maas and Jan Bölger who both own an equal share in the company. Immoulin BV (Immoulin) is an international real estate and travel agent specializing in servicing clients on every aspect of buying and selling prestige and period property in France, Spain and Italy and mostly more exclusive and character property in countries around Europe and overseas.

Immoulin is currently active in many countries amongst which are France, Spain, Italy and South Africa.

We aim to provide transparency for buyers and vendors by sticking to a clear strategy that helps vendors finding buyers and vice-verse in a clean and secure internet space without other third party advertising. Our concentration on niche types of properties in medium to high-end price categories and strong Internet visibility in the regions where we operate for those types of property makes our business an attractive platform for vendors. Our proven above average industry statistics for property page views per unique visitor makes our platform a real choice to consider. 

The Moulin comprehensive website platform is multi-lingual and owned by Immoulin BV (Real Estate) Baarn, The Netherlands. It is the marketplace for higher-end property.

Managing Partners:
Edward Maas
Jan Bölger

Contact Information:
Mail: Postbus 405, 3740 AK, Baarn 
+31 (0)355432547 (Tel) 
+31 (0)355436191 (fax)

Registered Dutch Chamber of Commerce( Eem- en Gooiland, Utrecht number 24275868 

MSW No: NL8090.94.873.B01
Banking: ABNAMRO Bank, Utrecht, The Netherlands(Pays Bas)
Account nr.
IBAN: NL09 ABNA 0511446381